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11/08/16        Add French Translations of Into His Harvest


    Une Approche Audacieuse (A Bold Approach)

    Tendre La Main (Reaching Out)

    L’unification Dans L’amour (Uniting in Love)

    2015 - Actes De Foi Des Fils De Dieu (2015 - Acts of the Faith Sons)

    2016 - Actes De Foi Des Fils De Dieu (2016 - Acts of the Faith Sons)


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                             Into His Harvest - Reaching Out


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                             Library - Pressing on to Maturity


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                             Library - Remembering What?


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Pressing on to Maturity


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Remembering What?

03/09/2016     Add Spanish - Proof, Faith and Perspective

03/08/2016     Add Spanish - Religion's Contribution to Atheism

03/04/2016     Add Spanish - Removing the Strawman Arguments

03/03/2016     Add Spanish - Atheism and the Mature Believer

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Remembering Jesus - 2016

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Remembering Jesus - 2016

03/02/2016     Add Spanish - About Atheism

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                             Library - This Generation of Faith Sons

Unraveling Atheism - A Universe From Nothing

Unraveling Atheism - Evolution and Creation

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Building Up the Brotherhood - Why Sonship?

Building Up the Brotherhood - The Kingdom of the Heavens

Divine Relationships - God's Relationship to the Individual

Divine Relationships - Christ's Relationship to the Individual

The Truth That Sets Us Free

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This Generation of Faith Sons

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The Glorious Heavely Hope

Can We Depend on Bible Promises?

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02/15/2016     Add Unraveling Atheism - A Universe From Nothing

02/07/2016     Add Unraveling Atheism - Evolution and Creation

02/07/2016     Add 1 Audio File for

                                Into His Harvest - A Bold Approach

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                                Removing the Strawman Arguments

                                Into His Harvest - Introduction

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                                Unraveling Atheism

                                About Atheism

                                Atheism and the Mature Believer

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01/11/2016     Add Unraveling Atheism - About Atheism

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