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June 11, 2016 - Santa Cruz, California

Dear family of Faith Sons, we all would like to extend a warm hello and a hearty thank you for 
the videos on Jesus on the sister site The Christ Experiment. Let me say that our hearts are so overwhelmed with appreciation because our eyes have been opened to the real life of Jesus and his life as a child is fascinating, it makes Jesus so much more relatable to my children, maybe your children, because he's so normal. So much appreciation for whose ever behind all of the hard work involved. We have been so busy in the ministry that it makes my years as a pioneer with JWs pale in comparison because we are all probably averaging way more hours than before and doing it with a joy that has a perpetual fire attached to it. [three other brothers] all send their love and prayers! We just concluded a two hour conference call talking about the steady growth from the (POTOJ) "plain and open teachings of Jesus." We have reached congregation size here in Santa Cruz and the same goes for the others so as we continue to share the true good news please continue dropping us an article from time to time to assist in drawing out those who are pure in heart and rich in spirit. We believe so many more want truth from above and not man's egotistical ramblings. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue praying for all of you. Be well dear friends!!



March 20, 2016 - Santa Cruz, California USA

Hello dearest friends, it's been awhile because of sowing seeds of truth in congregations and in churches about the expanded life of Jesus as explained in the New Revelation. For some faith sons to be honest didn't jump on board blindly, they had to have it bear witness and boy did it ever, to the point where the rest of us had to calm them down so that they had a controlled zeal. It's the depth of love and Jesus teaching ability that he showed with his disciples and Apostles and how much more clearly it's stated in the Urantia Book. It's just wonderful dear friends this spiritual changing of the guard. We love the 
video because it does the sermon for us in ways we could never get across. We are all looking forward to the Evening Meal so may all faith sons have a great and contemplative Memorial. God bless all communities of faith!!



March 15, 2016

[Regarding "
Bright Morning Star"] I agree with you. For years I believed that the Sermon on the mount (Matt 28) meant by END, the advent of some doomsday Armageddon as preached by many churches. But recently I came to understand that what Jesus meant by END is the termination of this present age of war and tumultuous turbulence. The ONLY sign of the end that Jesus gave is that -- "this gospel shall be preached in ALL the world for a witness, then shall the END [of war] come" and the world will break out in peace because of the ensuing "Brotherhood of Man".

March 15, 2016 - San Juan Capistrano, California, USA

Congrats on your newsletter, 
The Bright Morning Star. Well done! The work you are doing is, "a marvelous work and a wonder." This is the title of a book by one of the early Mormon Apostles that refers to Mormonism Doctrine and the Book of Mormon. All the best,


February 16, 2016 - Los Angeles


Hello dear faith sons, my wife and I just love the Bright Morning Star, I read it over and over because the joy it brings never gets old. I so look forward to the next issue! May the First Cause bless all of you hard working brothers and sisters!



January 28, 2016 - Atlanta, Georgia


Dear brother and sister, Beautiful new sites, the work you've put into updating the sites is a blessing for all of us. Thank all those partnering with you because this must have taken quite a bit of time. The Bright Morning Star will probably go down in the history books as one of the most beautiful game changers when it comes to both non-Christians and Christians thinking differently and acting differently towards their neighbors. The stories you present with actual footage of the experiences are so moving you can't help but want to get involved in this type of harvest work. So this weekend a group of us will be going into the field ministry to introduce people to the Bright Morning Star (February Issue) on our IPads, so we're all excited about what God will open up to us. We have grown in the number of Faith Sons almost double in total especially with younger folks from nearby churches and a good number from Jehovah's Witnesses. Oh yes friends, the Father has granted us an open door of activity because His Will be done and Jesus words and spirit are penetrating the marrow of even the most hardhearted and hardheaded people on earth so keep us in your prayers. We constantly pray for all of you especially hoping our dear brother and friend is getting better and better so I'm going to say so long for now but let me tell you Brother [name omitted] and [name omitted] send their love and greetings who at this time are battling colds and flu's, but they too are head over heels about the new look of the sites. God be with you, love always.



January 10, 2016 - Arlington, Texas


[From a group of 300 plus] My, my, my you have knocked it out of the park dear family!! We all just love it, the only thing we feel missing is the audio on the harvest articles, but the look is so inspiring. Great job to the partners. As for us here in Texas, our goal is to multiply at least two fold this season and with God's help and your timely articles, we believe we can do it! So pray for us as we continue praying for you. Oh how we love you all so very much. Take care of yourselves.



January 10, 2016


Dear friends, I hope you all are in good health and good spirits. My wife and I appreciate greatly the work put into [this site and AnointedJW.Org] in redoing and rearranging the navigational features. We both so look forward to the Bright Morning Star Newsletters coming soon and the Unraveling Atheists section that with your skill, you'll be able to aid these confused and sometimes misguided brothers and sisters. So we will stay tuned and may the coming year open the eyes of many more who labor unnecessarily in darkness. May the Lord of Heaven and Earth bless all of those in the harvesting work.