This series provides a starting point and an overview of the divine personalities – God the Father, Christ the Son, the Divine Spirit of the Father, the Spirit of Truth of the Son, and the operation of the Holy Spirit – as well as how they interact with one another, and with us individually and as a body.


   We believe this series will clarify many questions about the divine personalities that have caused some confusion in the minds of many. Since we are dealing with superhuman personalities and spirit manifestations, we anticipate that many of our readers will have questions. We encourage all such questions and we will provide responses to the best of our ability and in association with prayer.


   We hope you enjoy this series, and as always, please feel free to write to us with any questions or comments.


"Divine Relationships”



Article No. 1: God’s Relation to the Individual

May 1, 2012    


Article No. 2: Christ’s Relation to the Individual

May 5, 2012    


Article No. 3: The Divine Spirit Fragment of the Father

May 6, 2012     


Article No. 4: The Bestowal of the Spirit of Truth

May 9, 2012    


Article No. 5: The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

May 10, 2012   


Article No. 6: The Reality of the Spirit of Truth
August 5, 2013