As we begin this bold and revolutionary ministry of taking the ‘plain and open teachings of Jesus’ out to our brothers and sisters in churches of all denominations, as described in A Bold Approach and Reaching Out, we are encouraged by the number of our brothers and sisters who are likewise choosing to widen out in their ministry and who are sharing their experiences with us by email.


   It then dawned on us that the Bible book, Acts of the Apostles, is a record of the ministry of Jesus’ early apostles and disciples as they took Jesus’ teachings out of the synagogues and into the nations. So we decided to share the experiences we receive in this section entitled Acts of the Faith Sons in hopes that their ministry efforts will encourage even more to find innovative ways to spread ‘this good news of the Kingdom in all the inhabited earth’ so that the longed for end to sorrow, suffering and injustice will come. (Matthew 24:14)


   If you have made the decision to ‘step over into Macedonia’ in this way (Acts 16:9), please share your experiences with us, and with your brothers and sisters worldwide. Perhaps they will be able to glean some ideas for their own personal ministry.



May 1, 2016 - Boston, Massachusetts

Today I decided to venture into opening other opportunities to expand my outreach ministry. For over a year I have been participating in the weekly bible study programs of both a Pentecostal and Baptist church in addition to a Urantia Book study group.  The interchange has borne very positive fruitage that I did not expect to develop so soon when first venturing into this ministry.

I recently had a conversation with a young man who was doing volunteer work for a conservancy. In the process of his soliciting donations, he asked what were my areas of interest and I told him about the outreach ministry and how I was promoting a getting back to the plain and open teachings of Jesus without manmade dogma and other divisive influences.  In the process he told me he attended a church that happened to be only one block away from me.  He said it was mostly made up of younger college aged people who were very interested in promoting and living the teachings of Jesus Christ.  So I decided to attend today.

What I discovered was very, very encouraging. The Pastor is a young man who gave a sermon based on the Sermon on Mount. He drew attention to Jesus words regarding having lust for a woman in your heart and how God views it. His talk centered around sexuality and the young person’s walk with Christ.  It was quite real but tasteful and just the type of thing young people would benefit from.  What gave me such pleasure being here is that the entire congregation was made up of young people in their twenties who heartily engaged in singing and worship in a way that openly honored Jesus Christ. It was heartfelt and genuine. There were no older people there so they were not there because of parental pressure.

Near the end of the service arrangements were made to engage in the Remembrance Supper.  The pastor said if you are not a disciple of Christ or have not given your life to Christ we recommend that you not participate in the supper. He said there would be attendants available to help you learn to become a disciple. What was so enthralling was that a full 90% of the young people participated in the Remembrance Supper, and I partook along with them.

If anyone is cynical about the spiritual focus of young college age people this Sunday service was enough to inspire optimism and hope that they hold great potential for a spiritual renaissance of returning to the Masters life and teachings.

So it is my intention to return again and see how I can get involved in supporting this group in the near future.





“Elaia Luchnia”


Into His Harvest Introduction