April 10, 2015




   The Memorial/Remembrance Supper this year was another beautiful show of our unity with our Lord and Sovereign Christ Jesus, and our loyal consecration to doing the Universal Father’s perfect will.  Unlike any other time in human history, more and more men and women of all nations are coming to understand why we are here and where we are going. And they are fearlessly and courageously ‘signing up’ for the heavenly adventure. 


     Faith sons of God are being born every day. Many who once opposed the heavenly call are now taking up the mantle of sonship with a type of zeal that even they did not expect. And we have only just begun to scratch the surface of divine possibilities. 


    Many of our brothers and sisters celebrated alone due to their current circumstances. But others from around the world and from several different faith associations gathered together in numbers from 2 to over 5,100!  If you were one of those who celebrated alone, fear not. Things can, and will, rapidly change if you will but believe in the power of godly devotion and in the value of the true good news.  


From One to Hundreds


     Each of the Memorial Suppers where 2 or more were gathered together were started with just one person. The gatherings in Colorado of 5,100 faith sons was started with one person who decided to go to a recovery mission to help serve food to the homeless. Within a short time, he was teaching classes at the missions, and the rest is history! Although these men have decided to refrain from alcoholic beverages, they did not let that stop them from commemorating with grape juice instead of wine.


     The gatherings in Texas where nearly 200 faith sons gathered in 9 different homes were started with one sister who shared the information with her daughter, who shared the information with her work mates, and the rest is history!  These particular faith sons have fearlessly delved deeply into the authentic teachings of Jesus and have become incredibly effective teachers. 


     You may have heard of the rapid growth in Reno, Nevada where 345 faith sons participated in the 2013 Memorial at a Kingdom Hall. This group started with one young brother who shared the information with his mother, who shared it with one of her congregation Elders, who shared it with the Body of Elders, and the rest is history! This group has since spread out to several other states with the authentic teachings of Jesus and are developing large groups of faiths sons in their new locations.


     And you may have read about the faith sons in Mexico where practically the entire neighborhood, over 600 sons, have accepted the plain and open teachings of Jesus and remembered him as he requested. This group started with one brother who shared what he learned with his wife and children, then his mother, then his brothers and the rest is history! What is notable about this group is that the young ones have been at the forefront of spreading the plain and open teachings. It has been these babes who speak to other children in their neighborhood and their schools which has attracted the attention of their parents. These faith sons have changed the character of their neighborhood from one ridden with crime to a safe and beautified community. They demonstrate on a small scale how the true good news can subdue the ‘enemies of Christ’ and bring heaven down! They show how the meek can ‘inherit the earth’ (Matthew 5:5) while awaiting their heavenly inheritance. 


     We hope all those who commemorated alone or in small groups take to heart these experiences.  Reach out to those you know and share what you have learned. That may include your immediate family, your extended family, your workmates, and your schoolmates. Perhaps 1 or 2 persons you talk to will talk to others and by next Memorial, you will have a large family of faith sons to share your supper with. 


     Reaching out to others is important.  We have long wanted to find a way to introduce faith sons to one another, but the way our ministry is conducted, and the request for confidentiality by many, has tied our hands a bit.  We are learning that this may be the Father’s will. Perhaps the Father wants each of us to go out and find our brothers by reaching out to our neighbors.  If you know who your neighbor is, you are not far from your brother! We hope more and more of our brothers and sisters take the leap of faith. You may be surprised at how well received the plain and open teachings of Jesus are!


The Quality of the Faith Sons


     There is much than can be said about the quantity of Faith Sons in 2015, but there are even greater things to say about the quality of those sons, as many have noted.


     The growing number of faith sons have a real relationship with the truly impartial Universal Father. They do not think themselves to be part of an elite group of Christians who will have dominion over their brothers who are left behind on the earth. They know that the Father is not partial (Acts 10:34-35) and would not give a limitless eternity to 144,000 and leave the remaining billions marooned on this tiny planet. They know that all who want life in the heavens are invited (John 1:12) and anyone and whoever can take life’s waters free. (John 6:54-56; Revelation 21:6) They do not enter the kingdom of the heavens and then close the door behind them!


     The 2015 faith sons of God began their journey by taking a leap of faith, depending solely on the plain, unambiguous promises of Jesus, not the ever changing and fallible interpretations and commands of men. As time passes, they surprise even themselves with their depth of understanding and appreciation of spiritual things. They do not need anyone to tell them how to behave, how to dress and groom, or whom to associate with. They are led, guided and taught by spirit. (Romans 8:14; John 16:13; 1 John 2:27) They are developing self-governance as the free children of God because the Father’s laws are written in their hearts. (Hebrews 10:16) Love for the Father and their fellowman is reason enough not to use their freedom as an excuse for bad behavior. (Galatians 5:13)


     The 2015 faith sons of God transcend sectarian borders built by men who use non-salvation issues to divide and control. The faith sons are training their powers of discernment to be able to perceive the more important things (Hebrews 5:14), the things in connection with faith and salvation. (1 Timothy 1:3-4) They are free to examine all things and quite able to throw back unsuitable ideas. (Matthew 13:47-48) They are not concerned about which ‘mountain’ to worship in because they serve the Father with spirit and truth, which is exactly what the Father is looking for. (John 4:21-24) And they are not deceived by labels, knowing that the one doing the will of the Father is their father, mother, sister, brother. (Mark 3:34-35)


     The 2015 faith sons of God no longer view heaven as a mystical realm in some alternate dimension.  They fix their minds on the things above (Colossians 3:2), knowing that heaven is the cosmic universe consisting of planets, galaxies, and constellations – an innumerable host of dwelling places. (John 14:2) And they are not afraid to contemplate the possibilities!


     We are honored to be in association with such Christ-like men and women. We know thequantity of faith sons will continue to increase exponentially; and we know the quality will increase as well.  What the fearless faith sons know today will be enhanced sevenfold in the coming year.  So we urge all to remain in expectation of the unexpected. Know that your celestial family walks with you and around you. Know that your sonship is no accident. Jesus knows his sheep and his sheep know him. (John 10:14)


Ambassadors of the Heavens


     Each faith son is an ambassador for the kingdom of the heavens, advocating for the heavenly kingdom, reconciling mankind to God as their Father, and continuing the ministry Jesus began. (2 Corinthians 5:18-20) Jesus introduced mankind to his foreordained destiny in the heavens and invited them to enter and gain the adoption from faith sons to spirit sons. (John 1:12; Ephesians 1:3-5) As substitutes for Christ, we, too, introduce our neighbors and relatives to the heavens and invite them to enter as sons.  It is encumbent on all lovers of Christ to make sure Jesus’ words are not returned to him unfinished or unfulfilled. The good news of the kingdom of the heavens must be preached in all the inhabited earth, and only then will we see the end to sorrow, suffering and injustice. (Matthew 24:14) In this way we prove that the spirit of faith is mightier than the sword of fear and intimidation. 


     The 2015 faith sons of God are proving that mankind does not need grotesque tales of death and destruction in order to lead mankind to righteousness. What man needs is the good news of the glorious unimaginable future that awaits those who want it. As ambassadors, we conquer the evil tales with the good news!


     The 2015 faith sons of God are doing works greater than even the apostles in Jesus day  (John 14:12) by duplicating and triplicating themselves – exponentially expanding the number of kingdom citizens in an extremely short period of time. There is no need to look back 2,000 years for faithful examples of ambassadors substituting for Christ.  The modern day faith sons, through personal contact, use of the internet and social media, are living, breathing examples that we can look to for encouragement – men and women of all ages, national groups and faith associations.  And we are growing daily!  As one brother wrote, “The scene is changing!” How true!


     The key to reaching many of our neighbors is simply to allow them to see themselves as first hand recipients of Jesus’ original, authentic teachings in the 1st century.  Have them imagine themselves among the crowds that gathered to hear Jesus speak, or Paul speak, or Peter speak.  If they did, what hope would they have? A hope to remain forever on the earth? Hardly!  


     Jesus was clear that ‘the flesh is of no use at all’ (John 6:63); and that we should follow him into heavens, the place where he was going (John 14:3). And Paul was clear that ‘the minding of the flesh means death and enmity with God’ (Romans 8:6-7); that no matter how much one might wish it, ‘the flesh cannot be made subject to God’ (Romans 8:7-8); that those who ‘live by the flesh are sure to die’ (Romans 8:13); and that if you are not seeking the heavens, you should pray to the Father and ‘He will adjust your mental attitude.’ (Philippians 3:15) 


     As one brother wrote, ‘take charge of your spirituality.’ Do not cower to any man, woman or child. Do not let anyone deprive you of the prize of the upward call of God, your divine inheritance. (Romans 8:17) Allow the spirit to lead you. (Romans 8:14) Your sonship is validated, not by other men, and not even by scripture, but by the Spirit of Truth bearing witness with the Father’s spirit that dwells within you. (Romans 8:16; 1 Corinthians 3:16) It is an inner conformation and realization. You need no man to teach you these things. ‘The spirit that remains in you will teach you about all things, and it is true and is no lie.’ (1 John 2:27)


     As others suggest: 


“Make a personal confirmation of your unwavering dedication to continue faithfully in following the Christ no matter how difficult.”


“Find ways to improve your effectiveness in the ministry of making disciples.”  


“Discuss how to sweep through with more precision to effectively convince the enslaved and captives to open their hearts to the Good News Jesus brought to this planet.” 


     With ambassadors like these, we are confident that the quantity and the quality of faith sons will continue its unprecedented increase! 


Moving Forward


     Now that the 2015 Remembrance/Memorial Supper is behind us, let us continue moving forward, leaving behind the elementary doctrines, and pressing on to maturity. (Hebrews 6:1) Let us continue searching for our brothers and bringing them together with us to remember Christ throughout the year. (1 Corinthians 11:26)  It is by means of Jesus plain and open teachings that the ranks of the faith sons increase, while the slaves of men decreases.  (John 3:30)


     Never underestimate the power of the message of sonship. The promises of Jesus Christ, the Word of God, can and will change lives forever:


“For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.”

– Hebrews 4:12-13


     There are those who have been critical of our ministry of the plain and open teachings of Jesus, but who are now confessing union with Christ and joining the ranks of the faith sons of God.  And there are others who continue to visit us frequently and send us emails. They seem so opposed, and yet they are drawn to read everything we publish. In some cases, we know it is the drawing power of the Spirit of Truth. For if they were truly opposed, they would move on and not give us a second thought. But they are compelled to see what we are doing, so we look forward to soon calling them ‘brother.’


     You may find the same thing in your personal ministry. Those who once opposed you or resisted your spiritual conversations now come to you with questions. They see or hear that you have partaken and they are curious. Understand that their curiosity is a result of being drawn by spirit. There are many Nicodemuses roaming about. Be sure to welcome them and honor their confidentiality. Be both faithful and discreet for your sake and theirs. 


     And be prepared to go deeper, into ‘the breadth and length and height and depth’ of the true good news. (Ephesians 3:18) The heavens are unfolding before the very eyes of the faith sons, and our celestial family is looking on with rejoicing. Finally, earthling man is finding his place in the universal family of God and abandoning primitive superstitions and the elementary doctrines of doom and gloom. Finally the liberating message heralded by Christ in the 1st century is having its day in the sun in this 21st century! 


     So we welcome all the faith sons of God who are the foundation stones for the next spiritual and religious frontier of true liberty and freedom. And, as always, we welcome your comments. 


“Your Brothers in the Faith”


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