March 26, 2016




      We invite all who participated in the commemoration of the 2016 Remembrance Supper, held during March 23-25, 2015, to share their experiences of the night for the encouragement of all who recognize their sonship with God and accept the one living hope in the eternal heavenly career.


    If possible, please include information what city/state/country you are located in, how many participated with you, and any other encouraging information or experience.  All such experiences will be published here, with the permission of the contributors.


    All those who participate in the Remembrance Supper have passed over from death to life. We are no longer slaves and friends, we are sons. We are all members of the household of God and citizens in the heavenly kingdom. And we are all the foundations stones for a new era of religious freedom that will bring an end to sorrow, suffering and injustice of all kinds! (Matthew 24:14)




Share Your Experience


[These experiences are posted with the most recent at the top.]


March 26, 2016 - Texas, USA


Hello family, we hope everyone had a great evening of fellowship and communing with our Father and Creator. We celebrated the evening in every type of venue imaginable. We're talking gyms, utility room (in a hospital), living rooms, garages, backyards and the lists goes on and on. But the important thing is no matter the difficulties or obstacles we all face on a daily basis, we put all those things aside and you could feel Christ's presence in every corner of every room. Many more Hispanics this year and younger sons around there late 20s early 30s and we also had many witnesses from a few different circuits. We used Remember What? And Paper 179 (if you didn't, know now you know) LOL! The movement towards freedom is pushing through the prisons that have held us captive and the best thing about breaking through is you break the lock. With much love and Fatherly Affection. I sign off by saying "We can and will do better." Bye for now family!!



March 26, 2016 - Australia


Tonight was another memorable evening when we gathered with six others who are also Urantia Book readers. We enjoyed a lovely meal together while engaging in lively talk that centered on our Master Jesus. After the meal we sat in the lounge room, where we each spoke of what endeared us to Jesus, and read sections of the book. On giving prayer for the bread and wine we partook of each, reflecting on these symbols of a glorious life remembered. How enriched and blessed we are to fellowship with like minds to further this ministry for the Creator.



March 26, 2016 – United Kingdom on the Coast near France


Dear friends, I am writing because of just finding your website. I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your service and ministry. I once was a Jehovah’s Witness. I served as an elder, bethel worker and pioneer. I left 10 years ago after an emotional spiritual melt down. This year I attended the memorial at the Kingdom Hall and I partook on my faith and belief that we all are Sons of God and invited to join with Christ in the New Covenant. This was the hardest thing I have ever done to declare this in public and to do so in front of former friends. I asked my Heavenly Father for spiritual guidance and the message he gave me was that of Son-ship. So many things only make sense once this is realised and then used as the key to life. I have much work to do in my own life as I allow this to filter to all my thoughts, feelings, emotions and cells. But I rejoice in this greatest gift and prize. It is the pearl of high value!  Thank you. Christian Love.



March 24, 2016 - Iowa USA


Hello Brothers and Sisters. While my wife went to the Kingdom Hall to refuse to commune with Jesus, I enjoyed a private communion with Jesus in our home.  I would enjoy doing this with other like minded people, but, I know of no one else in this area to share this time with. It is my wish that many others had a wonderful night sharing the memorial in remembering the wonderful things Jesus has done for all of mankind. Your Brother in Jesus Christ.



"Your Brothers in the Faith"


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